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Articles – 101’s series

Check out our collection of articles on the most requested technologies of our industry.

Macrodyne’s 101 series describes the processes, materials, advantages, considerations, alternative processes, success factors, including tips to part and tool design to prevent defects. Of course, press configuration, basic parameters, and advanced capabilities are also covered in the papers.

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Macrodyne In the News

We were featured in the October edition of Business in Focus Magazine and Metalforming Magazine

Business in Focus – October 2021

The article covers our presence in various industries and our expansion into international markets.

Metalforming Magazine – October 2021

Metalforming Magazine highlights the new Macrodyne 3500-ton hydraulic press that now stars in the Conrex Steel fab shop, more than doubling its previous press-tonnage capacity and enabling it to form thick plate sections and heads.

Trade Shows 2021

Between October and November, Macrodyne exhibited at CAMX, Forge Fair, and SPE ACCE.

It was great to be back after two years without an in-person show and to see the industry’s resilience in the face of adversity.  


Oct 19-21 - Dallas, TX

Macrodyne presented compression molding capabilities that are contributing to the advances of these industries and the evolution of new materials.

Forge Fair

Oct 26-28 – Detroit, MI

Macrodyne showcased Cold and Hot Forging solutions, including Extrusion, Coining open and closed die forging.


Nov 2-4 – Novi, MI

Macrodyne presented our extensive automotive industry expertise and will be ready to discuss any project involving Battery Presses, Electric vehicles, Compression Molding, Hot Stamping, Heated Platen, Spotting & Try-out, Mold & Trim, etc.

Belco Industries Partnership

Macrodyne partnered with Belco Industries to become North American suppliers for turnkey extrusion presses.

One-pagers in 7 languages: English, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

We translated our Corporate Flyer, Compression Molding, Superplastic Forming, Hydroforming, Deep Draw, Stretch Forming, General Metalforming, Elastoforming, and Forging. They are available in the Resources area.

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