Macrodyne service and support is backed by Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and HoloLens

Empower your technicians to collaborate more efficiently with each other, or Macrodyne’s technicians, by working together from different locations with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens.


  • Solve problems in real time: Technicians can share their real-time view with experts in remote locations to get the help they need, reducing travel time and cost.
  • Walk the site without being onsite: Remote inspectors can assess product quality without traveling onsite by using Microsoft Teams and collaborating with a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist user wearing HoloLens.
  • Communicate detailed and complex instructions visually: Rather than communicating instructions via audio call, onsite workers and remote collaborators can use drawings and arrows to refer to specific parts of a machine or asset. These annotations are anchored in the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist user’s space.
  • Scale expert knowledge: Enable experts to effectively share their knowledge from anywhere in the world.
  • Bring critical information into view: Technicians and inspectors can pull in work order information from Dynamics 365 Field Service and call the resource assigned to support them. Furthermore, technicians and inspectors no longer need to carry around paper manuals to perform their repair or inspection. If the technician is using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens, remote collaborators can insert reference images, schematics, and other helpful information the technician’s physical space so they can refer to the schematic while working heads-up and hands-free on HoloLens. If the technician is using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on mobile, remote collaborators can share reference images, schematics, and other helpful information the technician can view in their mobile device.
  • Combine video, screenshots, and annotations for more seamless workflows on the devices you already use: Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is available on AR-capable mobile devices.



  • Technician: A technician uses Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on their HoloLens or mobile device to share what they are seeing and receive remote assistance.
  • Inspector or auditor: An inspector or auditor uses Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on their HoloLens or mobile device to collaborate with remote inspectors and auditors. Together, they evaluate and document asset quality.
  • Remote collaborator or Macrodyne technician: A remote collaborator uses Teams on PC or mobile to join a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist call, see what a technician or inspector sees, and provide guidance in context.


Sample workflow for your technicians and remote Macrodyne technicians

  1. A technician arrives onsite to fix a machine, but encounters a problem they’re not familiar with. The technician calls Macrodyne and puts on a HoloLens, and launches Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.
  2. A technician at Macrodyne joins the mixed reality call on Microsoft Teams desktop and sees what the technician sees. They start recording the call so the technician can use it for future reference.
  3. The Macrodyne technician provides verbal instructions. When they want to draw attention to a specific part of the machine, they draw an arrow onto their PC screen. The arrow immediately appears in the HoloLens user’s space and remains anchored to that part of the machine even when the technician walks around. When they want to point out the cable the technician should reattach, they draw along the cable. The line immediately appears in the HoloLens user’s space. The Macrodyne technician can call up drawings and schematic on their PC screen. These appear in the technician’s space, can be annotated by either operator, and remains anchored to the cable even when the technician walks around.
  4. The technician successfully repairs the machine, takes a snapshot of the repaired machine. They thank the Macrodyne technician for their help, and end the call. Snapshots and files shared during the call are posted to the Field Service work order for the technician’s manager to review, and the recording is saved online. The technician shares the recording with colleagues so they can learn how the technician and remote collaborator repaired the machine.

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