Press Lines & Automation​

We manufacture heavy duty hydraulic press lines and automated manufacturing cells for a multitude of production applications. Our press lines and automated cells can be supplied with high speed press-to-press transfer systems or robots to offer rapid, flexible and efficient production for high volume or just-in time demands.

Macrodyne has extensive experience with the turnkey supply of hydraulic press lines, all of which are fully integrated with any required ancillary equipment. Examples of hydraulic press lines Macrodyne supplies include:

  • Hydraulic forging press lines
  • Hydraulic hot stamping press lines
  • Hydraulic cold forming press lines
  • Hydraulic press lines for automotive roof assemblies
  • Hydraulic tandem press lines for automotive and appliance component manufacture
  • Hydraulic press lines for composite molding applications
  • Hydraulic press lines for destruction of military ordinance
  • Hydraulic press lines for automotive interior components
  • Hydraulic press lines for rubber molding applications
  • Hydraulic press lines for automotive transmission components

Systems Integration Expertise & Flexible Supply

Macrodyne supplies and/or integrates a wide variety of ancillary equipment with our hydraulic presses and die handling equipment. Options range from the supply of complete systems on a turnkey basis, integration of buyer-supplied equipment, or any level of partial supply and integration as preferred by the buyer. Our ancillary equipment and system integration solutions are customized to meet your technical and budget requirements.

We integrate the following ancillary equipment:

  • Blank destacking systems
  • Coil feed systems
  • Hopper feeders
  • Conveyors
  • Shuttle tables
  • Rolling bolster arrangements
  • Automated die storage & retrieval systems
  • In-press and press-to-press transfer systems
  • Robotic loading & unloading arrangements
  • Ovens and furnaces
  • Die handling equipment

Production is optimized when combined with our die handling equipment

Our press lines are also available with a full contingent of Macrodyne die storage and retrieval systems. These fully automated systems can reduce full line part changeovers from several hours to only a few minutes. The result is a significant reduction in downtime during part changeovers.

Automate your

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