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Macrodyne Technologies Inc. Welcomes George Moran to the Team

[Toronto, Ontario, February 5, 2024] – Macrodyne Technologies Inc., a leading global supplier and North America’s largest hydraulic press manufacturer is excited to announce the addition of industry veteran George Moran to its team. With nearly two decades of experience in the press industry, from building and maintaining presses to running entire stamping shops for some of the world’s most notable automotive suppliers, George brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company.


George Moran commented on his new role, saying, “I have almost 20 years’ experience in all aspects of manufacturing products from automotive to aerospace, I’ve seen it all. I have an extensive background in hydraulic presses and have worked on all sorts of applications from hot forming to forging and compression to deep drawing. I have had a good relationship with Macrodyne for several years and the stars aligned to bring us together.”


His extensive background in hydraulic presses and field services makes him uniquely suited to contribute to Macrodyne’s continued success. “I have been involved in field services and press installations for around 10 years,” Moran noted. “All of the unique experiences I have had from customer sites to dealing with rigging companies, sub-contractors and end-users will allow me to leverage advanced timing planning and help to make each project run smoothly and be completed on time.”


Moran’s enthusiasm for his work is evident, particularly in his affinity for larger presses. “I enjoy working on larger presses. The bigger the better,” he stated. 


With experience working with almost every large press manufacturer, Moran is poised to bring valuable insights into market and technology trends to Macrodyne.


Looking towards the future, Moran shared, “I plan to help build the most agile and effective field service team out of any press manufacturer in the country.” He also praised Macrodyne’s capabilities, saying, “Macrodyne is a fast-moving and competent  company with the ability to meet customer demand with unique press and automation solutions.”


Kevin Fernandes, President of Macrodyne Technologies Inc., expressed his enthusiasm about Moran’s joining, stating, “The addition of George Moran perfectly aligns with our strategic direction and goals. We see George’s expertise as a key asset in helping us advance our technological solutions, expand our market reach, and drive growth across various segments.”


“When considering candidates for this role, we were looking for someone with a proven track record for getting things done, strong leadership skills and a deep understanding of our industry,” Fernandes added. “George’s background in hydraulic presses and extensive experience in field services and press installations made him an outstanding fit for the position.”


Jeffrey Walsh, Director of Business Development at Macrodyne, summed it up by adding, “The addition of George to Macrodyne’s team signals a new era of innovation, growth and excellence.”  


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About Macrodyne Technologies Inc.:

Specializing in customized hydraulic presses, press-line automation and die handling equipment, Macrodyne offers high-quality solutions that are both innovative and reliable. Renowned for its expertise in heavy-duty hydraulic systems, it serves a diverse range of industries, from automotive to aerospace and beyond. Macrodyne’s commitment to leading-edge technology, quality and outstanding after-sales service drives their strong growth and loyal customer base.

Custom Designed Presses

Macrodyne has designed and built many other presses not shown on the website.

80% of our presses are custom designed to meet the specific specification of each client.

Custom Designed Presses

Macrodyne has designed and built many other presses not shown on the website.

80% of our presses are custom designed to meet the specific specification of each client.