Macrodyne Supplies Deep Draw Presses to an Industry-leading Manufacturer of Ventilation Equipment

Macrodyne Technologies Inc. Toronto, Canada supplied and installed two (2) hydraulic deep-draw presses for a leader in manufacturing and distributing of ventilation equipment.

The first deep draw press is triple-acting, featuring a 200 Ton punch, a 100 Ton blank holder with independent 4 corner pressure control and a 60 Ton cushion.

The second deep draw press is double-acting, featuring a 30 Ton slide with a 10 Ton cushion.

The presses are used to produce fans, ventilators, centrifugal, vane axial units, make-up air units, energy recovery ventilators, packaged ventilation systems, indoor air handlers, dampers, louvers, lab and fume exhaust systems.

About Macrodybe Technologies Inc

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