Macrodyne Expands its Hydraulic Press Services in the United States

CONCORD, Ontario, January 6, 2020 – In response to increasing demand for Hydraulic Presses in the US automotive, aerospace and consumer product industries, Macrodyne Technologies Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of hydraulic presses, is announcing the expansion of its Field-Services teams. The planned additions to MT Press Services Inc., is part of a broader strategy to grow Macrodyne’s customer base and better serve its clients in the US, and in North America in general.


“We are very confident that this is a positive step that will better serve our customers with faster response times and reduced costs,” said Macrodyne’s President Kevin Fernandes.


Along with adding more service technicians, Fred Searle, a veteran of the hydraulic press industry, was strategically hired to lead the new US-based service team. Fred has an extensive background servicing high-tolerance and high-tonnage hydraulic presses. “I am thrilled to lead this team of experienced service experts and I look forward to further expanding the exceptional service that our customers have come to expect and rely on,” said Searle.


Members of the new and growing service team are located throughout the United States. The team is responsible for installation support and on-site training for all new Macrodyne presses, as well as on-call service, preventative maintenance, electrical & controls upgrades, and rebuilds to all hydraulic presses, no matter who originally manufactured them.


“This is a great formula to respond to the ever-increasing demands from manufacturers,” expressed Searle. “Having more local technicians and a focus on providing service to all makes and models of hydraulic presses, just makes good sense,” added Fernandes.


Macrodyne has big plans for 2020, details will follow in the coming months.


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