Macrodyne Announces a New Manufacturing Plant

CONCORD, Ontario, February 19, 2020 – Macrodyne Technologies Inc. has again increased its manufacturing capacity with our relationship with Blow Press, to expand into a third Macrodyne facility in Guelph, Ontario. This latest expansion is due in part to the strong 2019 growth of the company and is one of the several new investments Macrodyne has made in recent months.
Macrodyne Press Line

“Our new location is not only a reaction to the growing demand for Hydraulic Presses, driven by the North American and Global Markets, but it also demonstrates our confidence and commitment to our customers and the industries we support,” said Macrodyne’s President Kevin Fernandes.

“The building has the high ceilings, the press-pits, and the over-head cranes that we need. It is absolutely perfect for us,” remarked Jeff Walsh, Macrodyne’s director of Business Development “we’ve already started building our first project in Guelph, it’s a fully automated seven-press-line.”


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Macrodyne Technologies Inc. manufactures heavy duty, high quality hydraulic presses up to 20,000 tons, fully automated hydraulic press lines and die handling equipment for dies and molds weighing in excess of 100 tons. Macrodyne produces custom hydraulic presses & press lines for general metalforming applications, hot stamping, deep draw, forging, transfer, extrusion, coining, die spotting, hydroforming, elastoforming, superplastic forming, compression molding, high pressure laminates, rubber transfer molding and many more. For further information about Macrodyne Technologies, visit