Industry 4.0

Intelligent, Efficient, and Sustainable Production

Macrodyne presses are ready to be integrated so you can shift your production process to Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 allows you to automate operations, reduce costs, and make more informed decisions. A smart and autonomous system fueled by data and machine learning allows the efficient planning, monitoring, and controlling of the machinery and production in real-time.

The Connected Industry

Macrodyne offers a stable platform and control system structure that enables the connectivity to your network, to collect data containing valuable information that can help to manage preventative maintenance, reduce unplanned stops, or quickly react when issues occur.

Macrodyne is flexible to make any modification needed to meet your Industry 4.0 requirements for optimizing your production, maximizing availability, and preventing downtime.

Real production data, intelligence, and valuable insights for a Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 bring you many possibilities to improve your production. 

Macrodyne is ready to work with you and help your company to become Industry 4.0

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Automate your

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