Straightening Presses

Dunkes Macrodyne Straightening Press

Precision for your workpieces

A Macrodyne hydraulic straightening press manufactured by DUNKES will boost your efficiency and increases your productivity. When precision is the key for your production our Straighteners will implement this requirement perfectly into every workpiece, regardless of the shape of the material, whether it is round, flat, profile or uniquely shaped.

Our tailor-made solutions will fit your requirements exactly. Manual, semi-automatic or fully autonomous. Universally applicable, highly efficient and easy to use. We offer custom straighteners designed from start to finish around the requirements of automotive, transportation, oil & gas, steel mills, precision mechanics, and several other industries’ process and applications.

Precision for your workpieces

A hydraulic straightening press must be a precise fit for your workpieces and for your processes. Macrodyne offers a comprehensive range of straighteners that increases your flexibility. With a wide range and straightening forces from 10 Mto to 5,000 Mto in a C-frame, horizontal or gantry design including the handling to accommodate automatic loading and unloading.


The workpieces are fed via roller conveyors or by crane. A torsion device can be added to correct twists within the material.

Dunkes Macrodyne Straightening Press
Dunkes Macrodyne Straightening Press

We supply straighteners but not limited for the
following straightening applications:

  • Hex bars
  • Gears
  • Gearbox Shafts
  • Steering racks
  • Axle shafts
  • Driveshaft
  • Camshaft
  • Linear guides
  • Extrusion profiles
  • Railway axles
  • Tubes
  • Drill rods
  • Medical Tools

Cost Savings Potential through Process Consolidation

Macrodyne hydraulic straightening machines are an optimal solution for high volume production, particularly when supplied as fully autonomous press cells with integrated automated loading and unloading systems.

Dunkes Straightening Press
Dunkes Straightening Presses

Accuracy and Precision

Our servo drive solutions for the ram in combination with a sensitive and synchronously working control system guarantees precise positioning and thus optimum reproducible accuracy. Which in turn is reflected in straightening results with run-out tolerances of 0.03 mm/m (1/1000 inch) to 0.05 mm/m (2/1000 inch).

Autonomous Straightening

Our fully automated systems combine highly accurate straightening technology with the advantages of an autonomous production. These will accelerate your processes, increase your flexibility and free up time for other tasks.

Automate your

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