Servo-Hydraulic Presses

Servo-Hydraulic presses are incredibly accurate, repeatable, and fast.

Proprietary software and servo valves are used to control the hydraulic force of the press, thus making this Servo-Hydraulic Hybrid possible. All Macrodyne conventional hydraulic presses can be purchased with these state-of-the-art control systems that provide our clients with the steady, reliable force of Hydraulics, and the ultra-high precision, extremely fast approach/retract speeds that can be achieved with servo-controlled programmable motion.

Many applications can benefit from the Servo-Hydraulic Press. In some cases, these hybrid presses are better suited for applications where a mechanical press would be the traditional choice. We custom design solutions for unique processes and all extremes.

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Technologically Advanced Hydraulics Provide Excellent System Performance and High levels of Functionality

Macrodyne hydraulic systems are at the forefront of technological advancement and incorporate the latest state-of-the-art hydraulic components, including pressure compensated axial piston pumps with electronic pump control, extreme high-pressure piston pumps, and proportional or servo-controlled valves.


Macrodyne presses are available as standalone production equipment or can be integrated with virtually any ancillary equipment, including press loading/unloading devices, transfer systems, robots, and fully automated die storage and retrieval systems, custom-designed to your exact requirements and built to last for decades.


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Automate your

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