Semiconductor Target Presses

Specialized Semiconductor Target Forging Presses

Macrodyne is one of the very few in the world that manufactures custom hydraulic presses & press lines to produce semiconductor targets used for the semiconductor wiring that are present in everyday electrical and electronic device chips.

With the recent reshoring of critical infrastructure, particularly semiconductor chips, the need for OEMs with equipment experience to get the project right the first time is more important than ever.

We understand the semiconductor target requirements that increase the quality and reliability necessary to build semiconductors.

Benefits of a Macrodyne Press

Among many other benefits control of your manufacturing process and making your parts to specification, the benefits are:
  • Autonomous operation
  • Improved lead time
  • High uptime
  • Cross-functional knowledge from 45 different industries is brought to the table to meet your custom needs

Press Lines & Automation​

We manufacture hydraulic press lines and automated manufacturing cells for a multitude of production applications. Our press lines and automated cells can be supplied with high-speed press-to-press transfer systems or robots to offer rapid, flexible, and efficient production for high-volume or just-in-time demands.

Macrodyne has extensive experience with the turnkey supply of hydraulic press lines, all of which are fully integrated with any required ancillary equipment.

The Industry’s Best Supplier

We have been supplying a wide range of industries and applications across the globe with presses engineered for the most complex shapes and high-strength materials, using the appropriate forming technologies, according to our customer’s specifications.

We understand Forging Presses, whether is cold forging, warm forging, or hot forging press to suit any specific application.

All Macrodyne hydraulic press designs are built to last for decades and optimized through finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure they can accommodate the deflection and stresses generated during the pressing application.

Our presses can be equipped with optional as Die Clamping & Lifting, Die Change Arrangement, and Installation and Rigging Services to optimize your production.

We have the right semiconductor manufacturing equipment for you.

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