Ram Extrusion Presses

Heavy-duty Ram Extrusion Presses available in capacities up to 8000 Tons

Macrodyne ram extrusion presses densify and extrude specific plastic materials, such as UHMW, PTFE, bioplastics, etc. as an alternative to screw extrusion to avoid shear and shear heating, and also minimize material loss and complex material heating. Parameters that are controlled include pressure, temperature, and extrusion rate. Design considerations include back pressure, sintering time, die length, die reduction ration, cycle time/production output rate, etc.


Benefits for ram extrusion include ease of material change over, minimal loss of material, accurate control of output, and traceability of batches.

Macrodyne Hydraulic Ram Extrusion Presses

Presses can be provided in both horizontal and vertical configurations although horizontal configurations are generally more popular for long extrusions and vertical presses are more popular for shorter extrusions to save floor space.


We will design the right machine, considering friction, drive power, material stress, and overall equipment design according to the channel length, with an adjustable channel wall to obtain different release angles and help you meet your product expectations.


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