Trimming Presses

Macrodyne hydraulic trimming press machines are available with a variety of ancillary equipment including:

  • Loading and unloading Robots
  • Automated conveyors/belts
  • Vacuum / automated scrap removal systems and disposal chutes
  • Rolling bolsters
  • Hydraulic ejection cylinders
  • Safety package comprising lock pin arrangement with light curtains and safety gates
  • Parallel levelling mechanism
  • Die carts and quick die change package

Macrodyne Trimming Press Machines are a Superior Choice for Flexibility and Enhanced Performance

Macrodyne Trim press machine comes in different frame configurations such as Four-columns or mono frame design, allowing a high grade of flexibility. The design of these structures is optimized using finite element analysis, resulting in increased part quality consistency due to minimal deflection of the press frame and dies. Our presses are manufactured for repeatability and accuracy and come with the ability to control tonnages and forming pressure which is essential for an efficient and successful production.

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