Horizontal Bulldozer Press

Horizontal Bulldozer Press

Horizontal Bulldozer Press

Macrodyne Bulldozer presses are hydraulic, side-acting presses designed for bending, forming, and straightening applications of metal workpieces. These horizontal presses can be designed in gap or column style frame configuration based on application. These frames are optimized through finite element analysis (FEA) to accommodate the deflection and stresses generated during the pressing application.


These custom presses accommodate deeper throat depth, making the horizontal configuration more suitable for certain straightening and bending applications over vertical presses. Our presses feature slides with a self-lubricating precision gib-guiding system offering enhanced parallel slide motion and eccentric load capabilities. 


Our Bulldozer presses come with fully integrated controls for precise automatic control of stroke and tonnage.

Rigid and Durable Presses for Special Applications

Our Horizontal Bulldozer presses can be supplied as standalone equipment or as part of a turnkey, fully automated press line. Our design/build capabilities and supply flexibility ensure an optimal solution tailored to the specific application and budget requirements.

  • Available up to 2,000 tons 
  • Designed to hold multiple tools for different applications and configurations
  • Presses are designed for faster speeds and longer strokes depending on the application
  • Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit.
  • Advanced Press Control for better reliability and consistency.

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Horizontal Bulldozer Press

Macrodyne hydraulic bulldozer press machines are available with a variety of ancillary equipment including:

  • Loading and unloading Robots
  • Decoiler and destacker
  • Automated conveyors/belts 
  • Vacuum / automated scrap removal systems and disposal chutes
  • Hydraulic ejection cylinders
  • Vibro-isolator package
  • Safety package comprising lock pin arrangement with light curtains and safety gates
  • Die carts and quick die change package 

Automate your

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