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Macrodyne Hot Stamping Press Solutions

Hot stamping technology (also referred to as press hardening or hot press forming) is used to produce structural vehicle components that offer higher strength, lighter weight and greater resistance, a key initiative in improving automotive fuel efficiency and performance. 

Optimize Hot Stamping Operations

There are several key variables to consider when purchasing a hydraulic hot stamping press or fully automated hot stamping press line.


Hydraulic and control systems for a hydraulic hot stamping press must be fully programmable and offer repeatable tonnage control.


Press frame style, guiding systems, speeds, tonnage, material feed direction, quick die change and off-center loading capability must all be carefully evaluated to ensure that the press is optimized for your specific hot stamping application. 


Macrodyne has extensive experience in hot stamping and will work closely with you to ensure all aspects are considered.

Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping Presses & Fully Automated Hot Stamping Press Lines

Macrodyne hot stamping presses are available as standalone equipment integrated with customer supplied ancillary equipment or can be supplied as complete turnkey press lines with a variety of optional items including:

  • Single or dual rolling bolsters
  • Robots or feeders for part loading/unloading
  • Blank destackers
  • Roller hearth or stack ovens
  • Tooling
  • Part conveying systems

Macrodyne is Experienced in Hot Stamping Presses

Hot stamping involves the rapid quenching of boron steels that have been heated above 900 degrees Celsius. The process begins with the de-stacking of a blank that is loaded into an oven or furnace to be heated. Once heated, the blank (in its malleable form) is transferred by the press feeding system to a hot stamping press, which closes and generates tonnage very quickly to prevent pre-cooling of the material. When this process is complete, the hardened component is automatically unloaded from the hydraulic press by the press unloading system for finishing, if required.

Automate your

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