Gas Oscillation Enhanced SPF

The Next Generation of Superplastic Forming

Disruptive New Technology for Superplastic Forming

The Gas Oscillation Forming Technology for Superplastic Blow Forming is a disruptive advancement in the SPF process that provides significant improvements in the formability of alloy sheets. This patented new technology pushes past the boundaries of conventional superplastic forming allowing for dramatically more geometrically complex parts to be formed with higher quality and at lower costs.

Ground-breaking Patented Solutions

Gas Oscillation Forming System software and mechanisms are built into Macrodyne SPF presses and are further customized to each application according to the:

  • Forming part geometry
  • Type of metallic alloy
  • Tool design

Systems are engineered to generate gas oscillations of various amplitudes and frequencies inside the forming tool with each generated gas oscillation deforming the material and subsequently allowing for partial stress relief of the material during the superplastic blow forming process. This results in an improved formed material grain boundary sliding mechanism.

Gas Oscillation Enhanced SPF Advantages

The patented technology transforms the decades old conventional SPF process into the next generation providing industry-leading manufactures the following benefits.

  • Improved manufacturing speeds (200% – 1,000%)
  • Increased elongation-strain with more uniform thickness
  • Improved manufactured part quality
  • Ability to manufacture at higher strain rates
  • Ability to manufacture thinner parts
  • Ability to manufacture more complex shaped parts
  • Ability to manufacture parts previously un-manufacturable
  • Increased light-weighting opportunities


  • Automotive – body panels, doors, fenders, lift gates, roofs, floor panels
  • Aerospace – panels for aircraft engines and others
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Architectural
  • Marine


Gas oscillation forming system has no moving parts that can fail in high temperature environment and can significantly improve formability of light weight metallic sheets such as aluminium, magnesium, titanium, and possibly other alloys when compared to traditional non oscillating gas filling method.

  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • Titanium
  • Other alloys

Trusted and Reliable

Industry leaders in SPF presses and Heated tooling for ultra-high temperatures. Gas oscillation without valves or any moving parts

  • Nothing mechanical to fail at ultra-high temperatures
  • Not susceptible to shock and vibration


Customized design solution for any application.


Numerous ways to quickly achieve an impressive ROI. E.g. reduced cycle times, fewer presses, thinner materials, lower operating costs, increased quality, new contracts, longer tool life.

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