Cryofracture Presses

Safe and Efficient Cryofractures Presses​
Macrodyne Cryofracture Presses are designed for safe and efficient destruction of munitions. Macrodyne offers mobile-type presses to minimize fixed capital costs associated with plant facilities.

Macrodyne cryofracture presses feature deep slides offering precision guiding, parallel slide motion, and enhanced eccentric load capabilities necessary for the cryofracture process.

All structural elements of our presses are optimized using finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure maximum stiffness and torsional rigidity for both working loads and potential explosive forces.

Macrodyne hydraulic cryofracture presses may be supplied with a variety of options:

We Offer:

  • Blast isolation valves & discharge chutes
  • Pneumatic tilt table
  • Blast shields
  • Remote diagnostic services
  • Mobile cryofracture press container
  • Sacrificial plates for frame & slide
  • Integration services for robots & conveyors

Automate your

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