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Hydraulic Presses in the Automotive Industry

“Get Your Motor Runnin’, Head Out on the Highway!”- Hydraulic Presses in the Automotive Industry


With apologies to Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild, we just couldn’t resist thinking of the song quote when it relates so clearly to the use of a hydraulic press in the automotive industry. Whether you’re involved with traditional vehicle production or switching to (or enhancing) production lines to manufacture electric vehicles, hydraulic presses are a must for your operations. In fact, we’re one of the few companies to offer superior presses specifically designed to meet the needs of EV, BEV and PHEV vehicle production. With our large plastic forming and metal forming presses dedicated to producing the lightweight parts electric vehicles require to meet both safety and structural integrity standards, as well as energy efficiency requirements, we know electric. That means when it comes to getting your motor running and heading out on the highway, whether that motor is fuelled by gas or electric charge, a hydraulic press will pave the way.

Metalforming Press

Flexible and versatile, from large body panels to individual components, metalforming presses help keep the production line moving. So many of the parts that keep a car running can be made using a hydraulic press. From engine parts to air bags, windshield wiper blades to carburetors, a customized hydraulic metalforming press will provide the tight tolerances and configurations you need to succeed. Macrodyne presses can be made to fit almost any environment from low headroom designs that fit tight height requirements to innovative solutions for locating the hydraulic power unit in a way that accommodates areas where floor space is at a premium.


Specific Design Packages / Hydroforming Press

Installing sunroofs, a trim press specifically used for dashboards in mini-vans or a hydroforming press specifically made to accommodate heavy loads with an integrated robot for loading and unloading, these are just a few examples of how a hydraulic press can be utilized in the manufacturing process for today’s cars and trucks. When it comes to hitting the highway, hydroforming is perhaps best known for its ability to produce lightweight, stronger and more rigid structures for speciality high end performance sports cars. As the automotive industry faces increasing demand for both performance and fuel efficiency however, the use of this type of press is increasing across all types of vehicle manufacturing.


Sheet Metal Forming

Hydraulic presses are pressed into service (sorry, we couldn’t resist) when it comes to large volume production parts, helping the automotive industry to manage labour costs. Stamping is an example of a sheet metal forming process that greatly benefits from the use of a hydraulic press and the most typical example of stamping use for automotive manufacturing would be deep-drawing. Other methods also include punching, blanking, bending and coining.


Increased Efficiencies

A hydraulic press will guarantee control over both speed and force, ensuring consistency and accuracy every time. In high production environments like the automotive industry this is crucial. Advantages of the Macrodyne commitment to our customers include the ability of virtually all presses to be controlled with our Servo-Hydraulic state of the art technology, providing programmable motion, ultra-high precision, energy savings and fast approach/retract speeds.


Compression Molding

In yet another example of hydraulic presses supporting car manufacturers, compression molding is ideal for a wide variety of interior applications and trim cover. The molding process uses a combination of heat and compression (the force) to shape raw materials like metal, plastic compounds or rubber into a formed mold. Utilizing a hydraulic press to fit materials into the mold through heating, making it pliable, is fast, efficient, reduces material waste and reduces labour costs. If “it” fits inside a car, from sun visors to stick shift gear knobs, a hydraulic press can be used as part of the manufacturing process.

If you need to know more about why a hydraulic press is right for your production line, let’s talk. Macrodyne has played an integral role in the accurate, affordable and efficient manufacture of automobiles for years and are rapidly becoming known as one of the few hydraulic press manufacturers able to meet the needs of the growing EV, BEV and PHEV industry. However you “get your motor running” a Macrodyne hydraulic press will help get you there.

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Custom Designed Presses

Macrodyne has designed and built many other presses not shown on the website.

80% of our presses are custom designed to meet the specific specification of each client.

Custom Designed Presses

Macrodyne has designed and built many other presses not shown on the website.

80% of our presses are custom designed to meet the specific specification of each client.