A Hydraulic Press + The Aerospace Industry = Success!

If ever an industry demanded exacting standards while working to precision tolerances, it’s the aerospace industry. The variety of materials, including titanium and other alloys specific to the industry, the need for traceability,* as well as the high performance end product, each alone demands a level of quality control that is second to none, and taken together could mean the difference between success and disaster. Performance, reliability and flexibility are each built into a hydraulic press, enabling excellent manufacturing processes while still achieving cost efficiencies too. If you’re in the aerospace industry, a hydraulic press could just be the key to your success!

Here are Just a Few of the Reasons Why:

  • They allow for custom designed solutions to meet your specific and exacting needs.
  • Macrodyne conventional presses are state of the art as stand-alone equipment but also completely adaptable with proprietary software and servo valves guaranteeing ultra-high precision and extremely fast approach/retreat speeds.
  • Fast, consistent production times while safety is virtually guaranteed = a workforce motivated by your commitment to their wellbeing.
  • A Servo-Hydraulic Press automates your processes for both time and cost savings without sacrificing precision, even on the most complex of parts. An absolute must when it comes to aircraft, aerospace parts and defense equipment.
  • Reliability and consistency is not a “nice to have” it’s a “need to have” when it comes to aircraft of any kind. A hydraulic press can go from drawing and forming to assembly – all with superb quality control options built in.
  • Hydraulic press technology also allows for punching, forming and blanking, important for producing specific aerospace components.
  • Advanced safety features unique to a hydraulic press mean not only are you able to produce quality parts – you can do so with employee safety top of mind. This aspect of greater control comes from your ability to direct the ram force, speed, release of force and the duration of the pressure dwell.
  • Aerospace parts vary widely in size, shape and intricacy. Not only does a hydraulic press ensure every part will be identical, no matter how complex, it can also work on both metal and composite parts. Aircraft parts, whether large or small – every single part plays an intricate, often delicate, and important role in the high-tech performance of the aircraft as they constantly work under high-stress conditions.
  • Whether for commercial aircraft or the department of defense, a hydraulic press provides the certainty you need on wing structure, brake parts, interior or exterior body panels – even seals and gaskets – in short, just about everything that makes a jet, a jet.

Hydraulic presses come in a range of sizes, styles and shapes to meet not only production demands, but also the limitations of available square footage at your location. Macrodyne has earned a worldwide reputation for quality and invites you to learn more about our company, our presses and our ability to meet the extremely demanding needs of the aerospace industry. If you’re looking for consistent success, consider a hydraulic press!


*Traceability refers to the ability of every part to be traced back to the manufacturer of origin, including date, time, shift and location of production.

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