Hydraulic Press Cylinders

Hydraulic Press Cylinder
400/400 ton closed die forging press. A custom cylinder arrangement was included comprising 400-ton main cylinder with integral high-speed cylinder and four (4) 100-ton die hold down cylinders.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Macrodyne designs & manufactures custom hydraulic press cylinders, no matter the complexity or the make and model of your equipment. We can provide forged tubes, welded tubes, or tie rod-style cylinders.


We have in-house design capabilities to bring existing cylinders up to modern technology with new packing styles or sealing methods, and we can design new cylinders to match your current hydraulic system or redesign the system completely. We can also advise on design changes if you are having issues with scoring due to issues like off-center loading.


Not sure you need a new or custom hydraulic press cylinder? We can help you.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Experts

Macrodyne is an expert in performing inspection, repair, removal, rebuild, or replacement of hydraulic cylinders.


Our recent activities include ejector cylinders, pull-back cylinders, cylinder body, main cylinder replacement, packing replacement, re-sealing cylinder, honing and boring cylinder rods and bodies, and refinishing/chroming cylinder rods.

Hydraulic Cylinders Spare Parts

Macrodyne has a long-established relationship with industry-leading manufacturers of hydraulic press parts. We have a large inventory, secured supply chain, affordable OEM price, and expedited shipping for emergencies.


Among the parts we ship every day are cylinder seals kits, brackets, head studs, stud nuts, cylinder seals, and lock pins, to name a few. We also design & manufacture custom replacement parts, including major press structures and all commercially available components, for all makes and models.


If you are curious about how Macrodyne compares to your traditional suppliers, just ask, and we will happily provide you with a quote.

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