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Getting to Know Hydraulic Press Frame Styles

A frame is the infrastructure that provides the needed support for what it surrounds to be able to perform well. The frame of a house provides support to the roof, protects the interior, and provides the unit the framework it needs to support its functionality. For similar reasons, framing also matters when it comes to choosing a hydraulic press frame style. There are a variety of press frame styles, each dependant on the type of job you’ll require the press to perform. Framing matters when it comes to your choice of hydraulic press and we’re about to share why knowing a hydraulic press frame’s “type” is so important.


As North America’s largest hydraulic press manufacturer it’s safe to say we know hydraulic presses. We’re able to design and manufacture presses that are engineered specifically for the most complex applications and based on your specific requirements. Even if you don’t know exactly what you might need, we’re here to help you understand what type of press is best for your business and just how important the frame style of your hydraulic press really is.



As the name might infer, these are larger than life presses that are a single unit, very rigid and more importantly, are shipped as a single piece. They are stiffer, torsion-resistant and a cost-effective option when you need rigidity but also simplicity. Monolithic frames are reliable and are generally selected when the overall frame weight can be kept under 80 Tons to allow for a reasonable trade off in manufacturing vs shipping costs.


4 Column

Once again, it should come as no surprise that the name of this press frame style is derived directly from its ability to grant access to all four sides of a die area, primarily to ensure ease of automation. Die changes and easier loading and unloading enhance the flexibility of a four-column press, making them ideal for applications where quick change over times are needed along with automation.  


Pre-stressed Housing

Pre-stressed housing style press frames are what you need when looking at a large load application. They are also the perfect match for a press that is considered too heavy to be shipped as a single unit. A pre-stressed press frame is comprised of several separate structural components and when combining a pre-stressed tie rod arrangement in the housing frame, it allows the press to be designed for loads that can exceed even 30,000 Tons. It can accommodate offset loading and other adverse manufacturing conditions.



You might be tempted to refer to a multi-frame press as the “mother of all presses.” That’s because it is a high tonnage hydraulic press frame that consists of multiple frame structures and is mounted on two foundation beams to provide accurate positioning. The multi-frame derives its name from the multiple thermally stress relieved heavy welded frames of which it is comprised. The structural elements are modular for ease of handling and because of the multiple frame structures it’s easier to transport. They offer off-centre loading capability and it’s a relatively compact design for a high tonnage press with a small bed size.   


Gap frame or C-Press

A gap frame offers three-sided access and is a lower cost alternative making it an economical choice for the right scenario. Gap frames still offer a wide variety of options including quick die change packages. The Gap frame press is often also known as a C-Frame press in part because its unique shape forms a “C” around the bolster plate.  It’s an economical option that allows for smaller bed sizes and lower tonnage applications.


Side Slab Press

This type of frame allows for a larger bed size and the frame components are pre-stressed together with pre-stressing studs and nuts. A side slab provides improved off centre loading capabilities along with low deflection. Compression molding and laminating are often done on slab side presses.


It occurs to us that it’s safe to say the frame style is as important as the functionality of the machine you purchase. That’s why it was so important to look at the various options available to you through Macrodyne Press. Each is also available in both down-stroking and up-stroking configurations, is purpose built to your specifications, will last for decades under the most demanding of conditions and is optimized through finite element analysis. Stress means nothing to a Macrodyne Press! Now that you know a little bit more about press frame styles, book a consultation with a member of our team and we’ll help you decide which frame is best for your press!

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Custom Designed Presses

Macrodyne has designed and built many other presses not shown on the website.

80% of our presses are custom designed to meet the specific specification of each client.

Custom Designed Presses

Macrodyne has designed and built many other presses not shown on the website.

80% of our presses are custom designed to meet the specific specification of each client.