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Frame Styles

Hydraulic Presses

As North America’s largest hydraulic press manufacturer, Macrodyne presses are engineered for the most complex applications and to the most demanding specifications

All presses can be optionally controlled by the industry’s most advanced systems that turn conventional presses into Hybrid Servo-Hydraulic Presses. This state-of-the-art technology provides you with the steady, reliable force of Hydraulics, with advantages of Servo-controlled programmable motion, ultra-high precision, extremely fast approach/retract speeds, and energy savings.

Presses are available as standalone production equipment or can be integrated with virtually any ancillary equipment, including press loading/unloading devices, transfer systems, robots, and fully automated die storage and retrieval systems. Macrodyne hydraulic presses are custom-designed to your exact requirements and built to last for decades, using advanced production equipment and offering the quality, innovation, and value that only a leading hydraulic press manufacturer can provide.

Press Frame Styles

Turnkey Supply is Available for all Macrodyne Equipment

Macrodyne has designed and manufactured hundreds of custom hydraulic presses in all frame styles. Simply choose your preferred press frame style or discuss your application with our experienced product design engineers who can recommend an optimal solution designed to your exact requirements.

All Macrodyne hydraulic presses designs are built to last for decades, and optimized through finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure they can accommodate the deflection and stresses generated during the pressing application. More details about the most commonly used frame styles in Macrodyne hydraulic presses are provided below.

Macrodyne hydraulic presses are available in the following frame styles in both down-stroking and up-stroking configurations:

  • Pre-stressed housing
  • Side slab
  • Monolithic
  • Multi-frame
  • 4-column
  • Gap frame
Hydraulic Presses with Bed Sizes

Pre-Stressed Housing Style Frames for Hydraulic Presses with Bed Sizes Above 120″

Macrodyne’s pre-stressed housing style press frames are comprised of separate structural components including the bed (also referred to as the base or bottom platen), crosshead, housings, tie rods, as well as regular and pre-stressing tie rod nuts.

Cyclical loading of the press frame during operation of the hydraulic press can result in metal fatigue. By incorporating a pre-stressed tie rod arrangement in our housing frame presses, the risk of metal fatigue is greatly reduced, resulting in extended service life of the hydraulic press.

This frame style is suitable for presses where the frame is too heavy to be shipped as a single piece.

Monolithic Style Frames Feature Superior Rigidity & Simplify Installation

Macrodyne’s monolithic frame style presses are a popular choice with our customers as they simplify installation. They are stiffer and more cost-effective than housing frame style presses of the same size.


A monolithic style press frame is a single unitized weldment that is thermally stress relieved prior to final machining. This makes them the best option when the frame is small enough to be shipped as a single piece.


Mono-Frames are very rigid and torsion-resistant, promoting enhanced off-center loading capability.

Monolithic Style Frames
Frames for Ultra-High Tonnage Hydraulic Presses
Multi-Frame Style Press Frames for Ultra-High Tonnage Hydraulic Presses

Multi-frame style presses are typically used for very high tonnage presses. The structural elements are modular which allows for ease of handling, rigging and transportation as they consist of multiple frame structures. Another key benefit of this frame style is uniform as opposed to concentrated force distribution over the frame members, creating a more efficient structure.


A multi-frame style press is comprised of multiple thermally stress relieved heavy welded frames, pre-stressed together with tie rods and pre-stressing nuts. The frame elements are mounted on two (2) foundation beams that are machined to provide accurate positioning of the frames.


Main supporting surfaces of the upper bolster and cylinders base are co-planar, resulting in equal distribution of loads to each of the frames.

4-Column Style Press Frames Provide Ample Access to all Sides of the Press

Macrodyne 4-column type presses are designed for the high-speed production of a wide variety of complex, precise parts. Our press designs feature deep slides offering precision guiding and parallel slide motion. Our 4-column type presses are available with a wide variety of options:

  • Single or multi-point cushions
  • Shock dampening packages
  • Parallel leveling packages
  • Quick die change packages
  • Integration of automation
  • Enhanced press control packages
  • Point of operation protection (light curtains, etc)

Our 4-column press frame design provides greater access to all four sides of the die area for automation, die change, and part loading and unloading.

4-Column Style Press Frames
hydraulic metal press

Low Cost Gap Frame Style Press Frames Available with Multiple Guiding Options

Macrodyne hydraulic gap frame presses can be supplied with either gib or plunger type guiding which offers enhanced parallel slide motion and eccentric load capabilities. Our gap frame presses are available with a variety of options including:

  • Single- or multi-point cushions
  • Open back configurations
  • Rotary tables
  • Part ejector arrangements
  • Quick die change packages
  • Other enhancements as offered with
  • 4-column presses

Our gap frame presses are economical and are ideal for applications where access is required from three sides.

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Custom Designed Presses

Macrodyne has designed and built many other presses not shown on the website.

80% of our presses are custom designed to meet the specific specification of each client.

Custom Designed Presses

Macrodyne has designed and built many other presses not shown on the website.

80% of our presses are custom designed to meet the specific specification of each client.