Macrodyne at FORGE FAIR 2023

Ground-breaking Hydraulic Press, Automation, and Die Handling Equipment for any application

Macrodyne is going to exhibit at FORGE FAIR 2023, North America’s Largest Event Dedicated Exclusively to the Forging Industry, in Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio, at Booth 303.


Macrodyne will be showcasing some of the largest (up to 30,000 tons), fastest, and most technologically advanced hydraulic presses built in North America and Europe; Automation and Die Handling Equipment for any Application.


Macrodyne will also showcase innovative hydraulic presses solutions for Open & Closed Die Forging, Metalforming, Horizontal- Extrusion, Stamping & Hot Stamping, Deep Draw,Coining, Cold Forming, Heated Platen, Hydroforming, Die Spotting & Try-Out, Stretch Forming and Powder-Metallurgy Presses. .


At FOGE FAIR 2023, Macrodyne will be featuring new ground-breaking technology for Superplastic Forming, the Gas Oscillation Enhanced SPF Press, among its tailor-made solutions for a variety of metal forming applications and materials.

Macrodyne Forging Presses

Macrodyne Forging Presses provide precise, high-speed performance that offers the optimal press control required to form a wide array of open or closed die forged products for industrial, automotive and aerospace applications.

Macrodyne hydraulic forging presses are designed for the production of a wide variety of forged products including gears, flanges, bearings, wheels, shafts, axles, and other heavy industrial components.

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May 23-25, 2023 |

Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Booth 303

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