Our manufacturing center is strategically located to provide quick access to road, rail and air transport.

Our main factory was specially designed to build heavy hydraulic presses and die handling equipment. With our high assembly bay, heavy lifting capacity, and large-scale in-house machining capabilities we can handle the largest projects from conceptual design through final commissioning.

A secondary facility was added to increase our manufacturing capacity to the growing demand for Hydraulic Presses, driven by the North American and Global Markets. 

Macrodyne Manufacturing Facility
Global Installs. Global Support. Globally focused!

Macrodyne equipment’s are manufactured in Canada, shipped and installed worldwide.

Several Unique Facility Features Include:

  • Overhead crane lifting capacity in excess of 130 tons
  • 35’ clearance below the crane bridge
  • Press assembly pit 30’ x 20’ x 15’ deep, allowing for assembly of presses up to 50’ tall
  • Removable roof deck above pit to allow for assembly of presses greater than 50’ tall
  • Large ram type boring mill with x axis travel of 14,000 mm, y axis travel of 4000 mm, and Z axis travel of 2500 mm
  • 90 ton capacity CNC turntable for boring mill
  • Separate fabrication bay with 35 ton lifting capacity

Automate your

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