Electrical Control Systems

Hydraulic Presses

As North America’s largest hydraulic press manufacturer, Macrodyne presses are engineered for the most complex applications and to the most demanding specifications

All presses can be optionally controlled by the industry’s most advanced systems that turn conventional presses into Hybrid Servo-Hydraulic Presses. This state-of-the-art technology provides you with the steady, reliable force of Hydraulics, with advantages of Servo-controlled programmable motion, ultra-high precision, extremely fast approach/retract speeds, and energy savings.

Presses are available as standalone production equipment or can be integrated with virtually any ancillary equipment, including press loading/unloading devices, transfer systems, robots, and fully automated die storage and retrieval systems. Macrodyne hydraulic presses are custom-designed to your exact requirements and built to last for decades, using advanced production equipment and offering the quality, innovation, and value that only a leading hydraulic press manufacturer can provide.

Electrical Control Systems

Highly Capable Hydraulic Press Controls Designed with Process Specific Functions are Easy to Operate

Macrodyne electrical control packages offer a wide range of process specific functionality and capability. All necessary functions for operation of the press and ancillary equipment are provided on a color, graphic based interface or an ergonomically designed manual control package.


Fully customizable menu type configuration ensures simple, flexible, user-friendly operation without the need for special technical expertise. Control systems range from a basic manual package to a high-level computer-based system with integration of sub-systems for ancillary equipment packages, in-plant production monitoring and data acquisition systems.

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Electrical Control Systems Built Exclusively with Industry Leading Control Components

We have extensive experience with Allen Bradley, Siemens and OMRON hardware platforms and can custom design an innovative control system solution tailored to your complex application requirements.


Functionality, simplicity and flexibility are paramount design criteria for all Macrodyne electrical control systems which are custom designed and manufactured to your exact requirements. To simplify operator training and use, the controls and operator interface screens can be designed to match existing presses.

Enhanced control options include:

  • Equipment operating parameter settings
  • Production data acquisition and process monitoring
  • Part and batch counters
  • Extensive fault diagnostics capabilities
  • Tooling data and set-up storage capability
  • Preventative and routine maintenance screens
  • NC functionality
  • Integration with ancillary sub systems
  • Integration of safety sub systems
  • Data acquisition package
  • Remote diagnostics

Automate your

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