Die Handling Equipment

Macrodyne supplies die handling equipment for dies or die sets from several hundred pounds to 100 tons or more. Our die handling equipment is custom designed for your application and can be capable of serving one or more presses in a wide variety of configurations.

Our automated systems incorporate comprehensive die/mold management complete with die/mold recognition and die/mold registers, flexible storage, pre-staging capability, fault diagnostics, integration with presses or press line monitors and system & die location monitoring.

Macrodyne die handling equipment, coupled with quick die change clamping systems, improves the efficiency and productivity of presses or press lines by minimizing the downtime which occurs during die change. This is especially true in light of the demands of just-in-time or short production runs.

Macrodyne supplies a wide variety of die and mold handling equipment to suit virtually any operation and extent of automation. The dies or molds can be exchanged from the systems by overhead cranes, forklifts, or may be stored on racks and retrieved automatically as is possible with an automated die storage and retrieval system.

Macrodyne supplies a wide range of die and mold handling equipment including:

  • Automated die storage and retrieval systems
  • Automated die or mold clamping and lifting packages
  • Single or bi-directional die and mold carts
  • Die and mold spotting presses
  • Rolling bolsters
  • Die and mold transfer tables
  • Die and mold openers
  • Die and mold elevators
  • Die and mold storage racks
  • Die and mold carrier plates

Die Handling Equipment for Existing or New Mechanical & Hydraulic Presses

Macrodyne die and mold handling equipment can be custom designed to integrate with existing mechanical and hydraulic presses or may be supplied as ancillary equipment as part of an automated press line with new Macrodyne hydraulic presses.


Macrodyne die and molding handling systems are equipped with comprehensive electrical control packages that provide simple, flexible, user-friendly functionality resulting in rapid and safe die and mold handling.

Change, Store & Retrieve Dies Quickly & Safetly

Another major benefit of Macrodyne die and mold handling equipment is the ability to safely and efficiently transport large dies quickly to and from the press or press line for their loading and unloading.


Heavy duty racking systems are available to safely store anywhere from several to hundreds of dies. These racking systems are available as a stand-alone item or can be supplied in conjunction with other automated die and mold handling equipment.

Optional Rolling Bolsters Facilitate Quick Die Change via Forklift or Overhead Crane

Macrodyne hydraulic presses are available with a variety of optional rolling bolsters or die shuttle tables that allow the die to be transferred out of the press for simplified transportation via heavy forklift or overhead crane.

Our rolling bolsters are combined with automatic clamping packages for the upper die half and are integrated with the press control system to facilitate rapid and safe removal of the die or mold from the press.

Using a single rolling bolster, a complete die change can be accomplished within approximately 15 minutes provided that the next die to be used is located in close proximity to the press.

In addition to time savings, the risk of damage to the dies and other equipment due to human error during die changes is eliminated.

Faster Die Changes Achieved Using Dual Rolling Bolster Arrangments

To further reduce down time associated with die changes, we offer dual rolling bolster packages.

With a dual rolling bolster configuration, the next die to be used in the press can be pre-staged on the second rolling bolster while the press is still operational.

When ready for a die change, the bolster in the press exits, and once clear, the second bolster can enter the press allowing for die change in under 5 minutes.

Automate your

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