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We manufacture hydraulic presses, press lines and die handling equipment customized for your specific application. Our goal is to supply the highest quality equipment at competitive prices that will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Macrodyne has established a reputation over the last several decades for value in the supply of custom heavy duty hydraulic presses, press lines and die handling equipment.


Our equipment is utilized in manufacturing operations for a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial & consumer products, defense, construction, and many more.

Our extensive list of satisfied, repeat customers and strong growth is derived from our competitive advantage in price, quality, leading edge technology and after sales service.

Supply Capabilities Ranging From Stand-alone Hydraulic Presses to Fully Automated Press Lines

Harnessing the power of the latest design tools including 3D modeling and finite element analysis, our dynamic and responsive team of engineers enables Macrodyne to offer the design, manufacturing and servicing of hydraulic presses up to 20,000 ton capacity, handling equipment for dies and molds weighing up to 100 tons, as well as the supply and integration of ancillary press line equipment.

About Macrodyne

Macrodyne Technologies Inc. manufactures heavy duty, high quality hydraulic presses up to 30,000 tons, fully automated hydraulic press lines and die handling equipment for dies and molds weighing in excess of 100 tons. We produce custom hydraulic presses & press lines for general metalforming applications, hot stamping, deep draw, forging, transfer, extrusion, coining, die spotting, hydroforming, elastoforming, superplastic forming, compression molding, high pressure laminates, rubber transfer molding and many more.

Precision, functionality and repeatable performance are key variables considered during the design phase of every project. Industry leading hydraulic, electrical and control system components are standard on all equipment manufactured by Macrodyne. A strong focus on quality, innovation and value results in competitively priced, reliable and technologically advanced production equipment built with replacement components that can easily be sourced worldwide.
Our consistent growth is driven by the extensive group of long-term customers who continue to purchase Macrodyne hydraulic presses, press lines and die handling equipment on a repeat basis.

In January 2022, we increased our European manufacturing capabilities through the acquisition of Dunkes GmbH, a well-established German press manufacturer with decades of experience in metal forming and industry-leading straightening and joining technologies. Read more: Macrodyne Increases European Manufacturing Capabilities through its Acquisition of Dunkes​

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