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Hydraulic Presses & Automation

Macrodyne has established a worldwide reputation for quality innovation, and value in the supply of hydraulic presses, press line automation, and die handling equipment.

Hydraulic Presses

Macrodyne has established a worldwide reputation for quality, innovation and value in the supply of hydraulic presses, press line automation and die handling equipment.

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Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Macrodyne manufactures hydraulic presses for numerous advanced manufacturing applications. The hydraulic presses we manufacture include; metalforming presses, deep draw presses, hot stamping presses, forging presses, compression molding presses, heated platen presses, hydroforming presses, die spotting presses, RIM presses, automotive mold & trim presses, transfer presses, coining presses, elastoforming presses, super plastic forming presses and many more.

presses & press lines

Press Lines & Automation

Macrodyne hydraulic press lines and automated cells can be supplied with high-speed press-to-press transfer systems or robots to offer rapid, flexible and efficient production for high volume or just-in time demands. We supply and/or integrate a wide variety of ancillary equipment with our hydraulic presses and die handling equipment. Our flexible supply options range from turnkey to integration of buyer supplied ancillary equipment.
die handling equipment

Die Handling Equipment

Macrodyne supplies die handling equipment for dies or die sets from several hundred pounds to 100 tons or more. Our die handling equipment is custom designed for your application and can be capable of serving one or more presses in a wide variety of configurations.

press rebuilds

Press Rebuilds & Upgrades

We provide expert inspection, repair, rebuild and upgrade services for all brands of existing hydraulic presses. Whether you are interested in upgrading existing presses in your plant or purchasing a used press to modify for your specific application requirements, our experience as a leading OEM of hydraulic presses ensures your project will be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

We produce custom hydraulic
presses & press lines

Our consistent growth is driven by the extensive group of long term customers who continue to purchase Macrodyne hydraulic presses, press lines and die handling equipment on a repeat basis.

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